B2B content marketing tips for more blog viewers

It's hard to be under a microscope Why aren’t you getting more blog viewers? It can be hard to put yourself under a microscope to find out. Not liking what you see could be terrifying. It feels safer to read what the experts have to say:

“Simply put, do these six things, get more viewers”, says Joe Chernov, VP of content marketing at Eloqua. I read these 6 tips and so should you.

I thought the post included useful stuff that already seemed familiar. But looking closer I thought the most interesting thing about Joe’s insights is where he got them:

We recently deconstructed why some of Eloqua’s 280 blog posts generated considerably more views than others. We looked at the headline, topic, author and whether or not there was any PR driving traffic to the post. Then we came up with six absolute locks for triggering views.

In short they looked at where they were having success, identified the factors that were common among their most successful posts and shined a light on how they could reproduce those results elsewhere.

This is the same method suggested by Chip and Dan Heath in their new book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard. You probably think their names sound familiar. That’s because they also authored Made to Stick, which is a favorite in my library.

When change is hard, Chip and Dan recommend looking at the data, finding the bright spots, and figuring out the underlying cause of success. Getting more traffic to your website or blog is a continuous fight. Some posts do well and others do not. Why not find the bright spots, and reproduce success?


2 thoughts on “B2B content marketing tips for more blog viewers

  1. Great post here. It’s interesting to consider what makes a great blog really great. You’ve always got to have relevant fresh content, but without the proper, ongoing analytics you’ll never quite understand what’s working and why exactly it’s working. Establishing that feedback loop into your content strategy is really a huge key to success.

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